Sunday, August 27, 2006

Socks can be hard to fit...

Click on the sock to see it up close

So - I have finished one of my socks. This is for my sister who has a longer and narrower foot than I do. The sock is definitely longer, but narrower - no. It is hard to get sock fit just right when a person lives a thousand miles away. So - I'm using my son's foot which is the same size and narrow. I'm going to have him try on the sock and then I think I may wash it to get it to shrink down. It is only not narrow enough near the top of the foot. I know this because it is too big for my foot near the top. I'm not sure I see the point in knitting another one until I get the fit on the first one right. My son is out playing golf and so I'll have to wait until late today before I can get the fit. I'm so impatient. I'd really like to see if it fits now. (Do you think he would mind if I showed up at the 5th tee and said, "hey - try this on for size" - ha! - talk about embarassing your teenage son!) I try to keep the "process vs. product" thought in my mind at times like this. Enjoy the process and worry less about the product -otherwise it is for naught (and it will drive you crazy!). Send positive knitting thoughts my way.


Blogger Knithole said...

Your sock looks great! And yes I think your teenage son would mind if his mom showed up to practice with a knitted women's sock for him to try on. Can you imagine? My eight year old you have a fit. Hee hee. Funny the lengths knitters would considered going to to get what we need for their projects. Thank goodness for our common sense.

I'm sending you my good knitting thoughts your way!

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