Sunday, June 25, 2006

Clap, Clap, Clapotis!

So---yes now I know what all the hub-bub is about on the knitting blogs when someone working on a Clapotis finally gets to the stage where she (or, of course, "he") can finally start dropping stitches. I have arrived at that point. I shout it from the rooftop - I HAVE ARRIVED!! And, it really isn't too terrifying either. This will be the preferred project during the Tour de Lance, ahem, I mean Tour de France. What will it be like this year without Lance? Will there be fewer comercials? (One can only hope) Will Phil Liggett find the words "I've never seen anything like it!" missing from his vocabulary? (Again, one can only hope.) Will we see even more of the rest of the field - cute outfits, cute bods, cute hair? Oh - I digress - this is a knitting blog!...and my husband does check in from time to time.

I also wanted to add a photog and another round of thanks to my SP (of Secret Pal 8)for all the wonderful things she sent me before she headed out on vacation. She is a dream. I'm having a wonderful time, too, with my SP (see the link to knithole on the right hand margin of this blog). She is beginning her journey into the wonderful world of spinning and is spinning up a storm.

And, finally - the philosophy for today's post. It has to do with worrying when worrying isn't needed - it has to do with just trusting that things will work out. Maybe all of you reading never have this problem - but I do. I worry too much about how life's little (and big) things will turn out. I think I don't have enough faith that God will see me through everything. The Clapotis is a little thing...God saw me right through it. Here is another little story..

I had to contact a client last week who had given us some CDs of an economics course they thought we might be interested in listening to. Well - I never did get around to using them and when the client called last week after at least 2 years of us holding on to these things I had to scramble to find the CDs. I found them, but there were several missing in the series. I was in a panic. This was a big client of ours and while we consider them friends just as much as clients I was dreading having to call them and tell them I could not locate the missing CDs. (What had I done with them? And why had I kept them so long in the first place? Not smart.) So...I investigated purchasing a whole new set for them, mustered up my courage and called. As soon as I uttered the words, "it seems there are a few CDs in the series missing" - the wife jumped in to say "yes, yes - you don't have the whole set - we have some of them here - don't worry" Boy was I relieved. It worked out for the best and fortunately I had not purchased the new set. But, the time up until I called them was a bit stressful.

Isn't it funny the things we stress over when really - compared to other folks on the planet- we lead pretty easy lives. It's all perspective I guess. Have a great week!.....Kate


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