Friday, June 02, 2006

More Interested in Blogging than Knitting

So, my new problem is that I'm spending precious knitting time blogging. I keep finding funs spots to check out. One that I check out every day is my Secret Pal's blog - Knithole - (I have to ask her where she got that curious name for her blog). So I took a button.

Then I found Grumperina - . Well actually I had found her before, but I have this hope that I will always exude "positive-ness" in my blogging and just the name said - "negative-ness". And some of her material is, well, quite grumpy. But anyone who has such a dry sense of humor and is such a prolific knitter has to be included on my site. So I took one of her buttons.

Now, all of this takes time, lots of time for me because I am a new blogger. Can I have more time please? I'm going to knit! Bye.


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